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Mister B


Mister B Leather Slave Harness

Mister B’s saddle leather Slave Harness is a classic full body harness that has been part of the collection since the beginning of time and updated recently.

The result is an even sturdier harness, which might be a bit uncomfortable when the leather is new, but once softened, will last you a lifetime.  They have made all the straps a bit wider for a tougher and more modern look.

This is an adjustable harness which can be adjusted to the right fit. The Mister B Slave Harness features two (softer) leather straps which run from your back downwards, over your ass cheeks, towards a cock ring in the front (just like a jockstrap). Since the cock ring is removable, you can exchange it for your favourite cock ring or change the size of it easily.

Access to your ass is left intact so back entrance is still easily possible.

Available sizes: S-XL

Colour: Black