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DMX Gear


DMXGEAR Mens Transparent Blue Lace Boxer Trunks

DMXGEAR Mens Transparent Blue Lace Boxer Trunks is dedicated to those looking for a little more adventure in their underwear. This collection is a sexy alternative to conventional underwear and offers a very elegant design but also high quality of manufacturing.  

Breathable elastic, softly transparent patterned lace and perfect cutting helps make these briefs feels luxurious when worn and allows the skin to breathe for added comfort while wearing it a whole day.

  • Unique sexy blue patterned boxer trunks
  • Elegant softly transparent lace material 
  • Very breathable and elastic
  • Discreet but spacious pouch to the front

Fabric: 90% polyamide, 10% spandex

Care: No blenching, no ironing, hand wash