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DMXGEAR Luxury Men's Black / Green Neon Stripe Jock Strap

The DMXGEAR Luxury Men's Black / Green Neon Stripe Jock Strap which is part of the Gentleman collection by DMXGEAR ensures you freedom and comfort.

Jockstraps took inspiration from American football players, now they have become one of the most popular types of underwear. The DMXGEAR jockstrap has very small pouch to the front made from superfine cotton.

This is not an oversized pouch but really small pouch for real men. Designed with a wide, comfortable black band featuring unique tiny neon stripes. At the back, the jocks have two neon straps in the same colour. 

Recommend for sports all activities, daily wear or just for the sake of it.  The DMXGEAR Jockstrap's cotton will absorb sweat but you will still have pleasant feeling after a full day of wearing. 

  • Unique Black Jockstrap with neon green bands
  • Wide comfortable waistband decorated with two tiny neon stripes 
  • No oversized front Pouch, two neon green straps at the back
  • Made from Luxury Cotton (92%) and 8% spandex