Sportsheets Sex and Mischief Shadow Slapper Black 18"
This vegan leather Shadow Paddle's split head is made for a satisfying sound with every smack. The flexible handle gives you extra momentum with each swing, and thanks to the attractive chain loop wrapped tightly around your wrist, you'll never...
Sportsheets Sex And Mischief Silicone Anal Beads Black 9.75"
High quality, black silicone 9.75" long with 9 beads, with a phthalate free plastic ring on the end. Smooth seam.
Sportsheets Sex And Mischief Spread The Love Bar Black
Between work, shopping, friends, family and various errands she was constantly on the go. I had started griping she was always running off when we could be spending time together. She obviously picked up on my concerns because when I...
Sportsheets SportSheets 5 Piece Hog Tie And Cuff Set Black
The classic bondage position, quick and easy way to secure your partner. HogTie Oring base compatible with most restraint cuffs. Includes One HogTie steel Oring with 4 attachment points 4 wrist and Ankle cuffs with metal clips.
Sportsheets Sportsheets Beginners Soft Cuffs - Black Black
Soft, sturdy cuffs allow you to accent your lingerie then restrain your partner in seductive luxury. Make it a set with a matching Soft Blindfold.
Sportsheets Sportsheets Boy Next Door Ivory 6.5"
As close to the real thing as you can get. Life-like looking and feeling 6.5" realistic, TPR dildo with balls. Flared base for use in most strap-ons. Can be used alone or with a strap-on. Includes: 1 Life-like looking 6.5...
Sportsheets Sportsheets Chain Ball Tickler Metal
Not a whip, but a tickler that will send shivers of delight down your partnerís spine. Submerge in iced or warm water to change the feel of the 150 mini metal balls.
Sportsheets Sportsheets Collar with Nipple Clamps Black 10.5"
Gorgeous, vegan leather collar with attached nipple clamps provides constant stimulation. Soft, double-layered, hand-stitched, PVC collar adjusts with a quality, roller buckle closure. The two coated nipple clamps have tension adjustments and are attached to the collar with 10.5" chains....
Sportsheets SportSheets Dragon Kiss Whip Black
A two pronged whip made of tough, genuine leather and ready to play hard. Sturdy, long handle ensures you never lose grip during intense play.
Sportsheets SportSheets Edge Extreme Under The Bed Restraints Black
For the bondage connoisseur the Edge collection from Sportsheets is a high quality line of expertly crafted bondage accessories. You dont need a dungeon to take you and your partner to the Extreme Edge of pleasure with the Extreme Under...
Sportsheets Sportsheets Expandable Spreader Bar & Cuffs Black
The Expandable Spreader Bar and Cuffs Set from Sportsheets, comprising of: - 1 x 14.5" (37cm) center aluminium tube - 2 x 14.5" (37cm) spring locking expanding aluminium tubes - 2 Cuffs with snap links - When assembled: expands from...
Sportsheets Sportsheets Fantasy Roleplay Sexy Slave Kit Red 42"
Seductive red fantasy kit that includes 4 wrist and ankle restraints with 42" long connectors. Sultry red blindfold and feather tickler are also included. Great kit for and flirty!
Sportsheets Sportsheets Hog Tie & Cuff Set Black
A timeless bondage classic. Four adjustable cuffs clip around a heavy-duty metal o-ring. Comfortable cuffs adjust for easy on and easy off with Velcro closures.
Sportsheets SportSheets Leather Leash And Collar Black 42"
Studded Leather Collar lined with faux fir for comfort and D ring to attach the 42 inch leather leash with snap link. The collar can be worn in 3 sizes up to a 17 inch neck.
Sportsheets Sportsheets Leather Paddle w/ Black Fur Side Black
High-quality black leather backed soft, faux fur. Use the soft side as a body buffer then turn the paddle over for a different impact.
Sportsheets SportSheets Midnight Jewelled Chain Tickler Silver
Sportsheets new range, Midnight, brings Parisian glamour, drama and elegance to bedroom play.Featuring a jewelled crown motif handle and loose chain ticklers, this item is an exquisite, unique piece to add to a BDSM collection.Stunning, jewel encrusted tickler made from...
Sportsheets Sportsheets Positioning G-Spot Link Black
Sex has never been so relaxing. Take the stress off your legs with these cuffs and let your partner take you for a ride. Easily adjustable for maximum comfort. Hit the G-Spot every time.
Sportsheets Sportsheets Restraint Leather Leash & Collar Black
Genuine leather, adjustable, metal studded collar with metal D-ring and matching quick-clip leash. Take control on your fantasy situations in style.
Sportsheets Sportsheets Restraint Sports Cuffs & Tethers Kit Black
These handsome cuffs and Tethers bring new spice to your private games! Easy on and off feature helps you ìget it on" so you can get off
Sportsheets Sportsheets Restraint Tethers Black 45"
Extensions for restraints. Sometimes being all shook up includes being all tied up.But Sportsheets Tethers leave your imagination unbound! 45" adjustable straps connect to most restraints with safety clips.
Sportsheets Sportsheets Ring Slayer Crop Black 7.75"
Vegan leather handle Nitrile ring tip Firm shaft Handle Length: 7.75" (19.69cm) Stem Length: 16" (40.64cm) Head Length: 2" (5.08cm) Total Length: 25.75" (65.41cm) Ingredients: PU, PVC, Fiberglass, Nylon, ABS Includes: 1 Black Dragon Strike Crop
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