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ThePack Underwear

ThePack Underwear was established with a vision to lead the industry with purpose by giving the greatest sense of belonging to the LGBTQ+ community. ThePack Underwear originates from The Netherlands and manufactures its products in Shanghai. ThePack Underwear aims to create designs that make you feel unique, be non-conformist and most of all look amazing whilst doing it!

ThePack Underwear garments are created with passion, integrity and dedication by combining high quality fabrics and integrating the latest manufacturing technology in the industry. From exclusively engineered moisture-wicking material with inner lined pouches made from bamboo fabric (for its antibacterial properties) through to their cleverly designed mesh panel zoning (to regulate the temperature in your nether regions) they have put a lot of thought behind it all.


The debut collection comprises briefs, trunks and boxer briefs in classic black and white, some bold colors and a few, limited edition prints. If you love to show off your wild side and want a fun and fabulous party wear outfit, ThePack Underwear is a must have collection for you and your friends especially for those who love circuit parties or gay pride events!

Their aim is to give you a sense of ‘guilt-free pleasure’ and we hope it’ll make you want to Take.Off.Your.Pants to show off your style!