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R1 Rends Series


R1 Rends Series A10 Cyclone SA Plus Vorze Rechargable Masturbator Silver

The Vorze A10 Cyclone SA Stand Alone Sexual Home Appliance. ;

4 Years of development since the release of the A10 Cyclone. Enjoy 7 speeds from low to high and 7 different rotation patterns from the high torque motor. It's super silent in use, readings of 47dBA - 50dBA quietness testing all speeds, so you're free to use discreetly without any worries. ;

Easy-to-use controls that allow speed adjustment and pattern change and easy-care when you're finished. ;
Connects to your computer allowing you to watch videos that control the movement for a truly customised program. You can even make your own using the free software for unlimited patterns that you can share with other users. ;

USB rechargeable so you are ensured high power and no more expensive batteries to worry about. ;
Already more than 180,000 units sold! ;

Comes with one free sleeve and small lube.