Monkey Spanker Monkey Spanker Double Trouble Vibrating Masturbator White 6.25"
The super soft gel pad molds perfectly to accomodate your manhood. 2 monkey spankers attached by a pin to give Double the thickness for extra stimualtion. can be used singularly if desired.
Monkey Spanker Monkey Spanker The Alpha One Vibrating Masturbator Black
A totally new way for men to spank the monkey is with the sensational Monkey Spanker, a fabulous 6-inch masturbation device that has been designed on an innovative diaphragm, and forms a vibrating tube when wrapped around the erection. The...
Monkey Spanker Monkey Spanker The Duo Vibrating Masturbator Purple 6.25"
One side for women the other side for men. Can be used as a masturbator cockring, vibrating blow job. Clit tickler, vibrator, vibrating sex aid.
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