Clean Stream Clean Stream Enema Syringe Clear 150ml
This enormous syringe is the perfect tool for cleaning out. The metric measurements on the tube make it easy to fill with the perfect amount of your desired liquid. The tapered tip is easy and comfortable to insert for a...
Kink Industries 12 Piece Cupping System Clear
There are 2 cups for each size.0.625, 1, 1.25, 1.625, 2 and 2.25"Simple put on the skin and attach the handle pump and pull the trigger pump to remove the air and watch the skin rise into the cup.The pump...
Kink Industries Steel Ball Crusher Silver 7"
This is a marvelously effective ball crusher with a very industrial look. Its operation is simple. Every turn of the screw tightens it a little bit more. Once it is on tight the ring at the end of the screw...
Master Series Anal Intruder Cock Ring With Penis Plug Silver
Experience the sensation of being invaded in every way with the Anal Intruder Cock Ring, Butt Plug, and Urethral Pin. A cool steel ring circles your balls, a smooth, round ball is popped into your ass, and a sleek urethral...
Master Series Prick 10 Row Spiked Pinwheel Black 5.25"
Run this spiked wheel across the skin and other highly treasured areas for a devious prick of pleasure. The spiked sensation wheel is designed with ten rows of evenly spaced, needle sharp pins that turn smoothly as it rolls across...
Master Series Steel Ball Head Ring Silver
This steel ball head ring rests on the underside of the head, just above the shaft, stimulating one of the most reactive areas of the penis. By simply placing the ring around the penis head and placing the ball on...
Master Series The Constrictor Locking Steel Cock Ring Silver
Stainless steel cockring with a 1.83 inch diameter. There are 28 adjustable screws that can be tighten individually by the included hex key. Padlock is not included.
Master Series The Hallows Silicone Cum-Thru Barbell Penis Plug Black 1.75"
This enticing plug is made for unrestricted urethral play, while keeping comfort in mind. Made entirely of pure silicone, this piece is ultra hygienic, allergy safe, and flexible, allowing it to bend with the body. Silicone is an ideal material...
Master Series The Hallows Silicone Cum-Thru D-Ring Penis Plug Black
This exciting plug is made for unrestricted urethral play, while keeping comfort in mind. Made entirely of pure silicone, this piece is ultra hygienic, allergy safe, and flexible, allowing it to bend with the body. Silicone is an ideal material...
Master Series The Meat Cleaver Stainless Steel Urethral Stretcher Silver 1.25"
This exquisitely excruciating piece will spread you open and leave you completely at their mercy. Designed to be inserted into the urethra, the two rounded spreader arms are suspended from a threaded bar. Twist the center nuts open as far...
Master Series Trillium Steel Locking Anal Plug Silver
The Trillium Steel Locking Anal Plug is the perfect toy for fans of both bondage and anal play. As a simple butt plug, insert the cool steel bulb into your sub, leaving the rubber ring in place to keep the...
Rimba 12 Piece Suction Cupping Set Clear
Sucking or cupping therapy is a form of Chinese alternative medicine in which a local suction is created on the skin to improve the blood circulation. This set contains 12 cups in different size which are connectable to a vacuum...
Rimba 7 Wheels Of pain Silver 1.25"
1.2 inch wide head 1 inch. 7 spinning wheels of Sharpe pins.
Rimba Extreme Ball Weight 750g Silver 750g
750g ball weight with attach cord. Made to stretch the scrotum.
Rimba Metal Catnail Silver 4"
Put this on your finger to teash and scratch.
Rimba Stainless Steel Piercing Pincer Silver 6"
Medical piercing forceps with detachable rubber inserts. Also used as nipple clamp.
Rimba Steel Anal Speculum Silver
Steel Anal Speculum made from medical steel.
Rimba Wheel Of Pain Silver 7"
Use the wheel of pain at your own risk Tickle or torture your partner with the spiky wheel that can be used up and down the body.
Rouge Garments Rouge 4 Pinwheel Set Silver
A great medical device used for sensory stimulation, pain or pleasure play. This set contains a single, double, triple and a 5 pinwheel head. This set includes a soft pouch with an elastic holder for each pinwheel head and the...
Rouge Garments Rouge Cat Claw Skin Scratcher Silver
Cat Claw fits over your finger via two rings. Contains two stainless steel claws for intense sensations. Allowing you to tease your partner or torture them. Let your imagination come up with the most sensitive spot that only you know...
Rouge Garments Rouge Claw Pinwheel Scrather Silver
Stainless Steel Cat Claw fits over your finger via three rings. Contains two pinwheels for intense sensations.
Rouge Garments Rouge Garments Vampire Gloves Black
These Rouge Garments leather gloves have tiny metal spikes on the palms and fingers to make for punishing play with your partner. Fabric: Leather / Metal Care: Wipe Clean
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