Doc Johnson Kink The Stinger Electro Play Wand Red
Motivation comes in many forms. This cattle prod-style electro play wand creates different sensations specific to the area it's applied with a light zap perfect for training or teasing.Tickling, tingling, and a moderate sting are all within the realm of...
Electrastim ElectraStim Classic Electro Butt Plug Silver 2.75"
Perfectly proportioned to leave you feeling full without being overstretched, our medium-sized Midi butt plug is ideal for anal sex toy beginners looking to move onto something bigger.Midi has a 2.75" insertable length that nuzzles against his prostate or enhances...
Electrastim ElectraStim Electro Egg Probe Silver 2"
Both men and women will love the erotic potential of this curvy bi-polar electrode. Suitable for both vaginal and anal use, the flexible form provides targeted stimulation that makes Tadpole an expert G-spot massager and prostate stimulator.Experience the unique sensations...
Electrastim ElectraStim Electro Prob Sex Dildo Black 10"
Combining the targeted stimulation of a love egg with the thrusting abilities of a dildo, our bi-polar Depth Charge Electro Probe is the ideal choice for G spot, A spot and prostate stimulation.The curvy tip is perfectly sized and shaped...
Electrastim ElectraStim Flick Duo Electro Stimulation Multi Pack Black
The ElectraStim Flick Duo is the worlds first rechargeable electro sex machine with 2 independent channels. Ideal for couples and power players who want to use more toys at the same time, Flick Duo can power up to 4 uni...
Electrastim ElectraStim Jack Socket Electrosex Masturbator Black 4"
Men's electro sex toys have come a long way in the last 10 years and thanks to modern technology, we're able to create groundbreaking new toys that push the erotic boundaries of e-stim even further. The ElectraStim Jack Socket is...
Electrastim ElectraStim Noir Rocker Butt Plug Black 6"
The Large Rocker butt plug will stretch your limits for a fuller, thicker and weightier challenge.The tapered shaft assists insertion aswell as creating an auto thrust effect during use with your stimulator. Subtle textured ridges enhance sensation while the unique...
Electrastim ElectraStim Silicone Noir Aura Multi-Probe Electrode Black
Aura is the go to probe for electro sex toy beginners. Its small size and simple shape makes insertion and wear easy, whether you want to stimulate vaginally or anally. The anchored base provides safety during anal play while the...
Electrastim ElectraStim Silicone Noir Nona G-Spot Electro Probe Black 4"
Proportioned to give her expert G spot massage, the ElectraStim Silicone Noir Nona Electrode was designed especially with women in mind. Thats not to say that the boys cant enjoy this top heavy probe, the tapered stem and anchored base...
Electrastim ElectraStim Silicone Noir Ovid Electro G-Spot Dildo Black 6.75"
Boasting a sweeping upward curve, bulbous tip and mid shaft swell, Ovid is a beautifully formed dildo that serves up incredible stimulation for his prostate. Soft, squeezable and incredibly conductive, this sensual electro dildo connects to any ElectraStim stimulator to...
Electrastim ElectraStim Silicone Noir Sirius Electro Prostate Massager Black 5"
Sirius has a quadri polar design that makes easy work out of prostate milking. Stimulate up to four areas at once with a dual channel stimulator, teasing deep inside your ass, tickling your perineum and massaging your prostate in unison....
ElectraStim Flick Electro Stimulation Multi Pack Black
Start your electrosex experimentation in the most economic way possible with this bumper pack of ElectraStim goodies. The ElectraStim Flick Multipack includes 3 electrodes, an ElectraStim Flick single channel stimulator and all of the necessary wires and accessories, saving you...
Mystim MyStim Ballzac Metal Dildo Silver 9.75ml
Massive metal dildo for stimulation current devices. This metal dildo is perfect for a very special anal stimulation and provokes a tingling pleasure, that can lead you to sensational orgasms. Made of aluminium and accurately polished by hand. The dildo...
Mystim MyStim Barry Bite E-Stim Nipple Clamps Black
Be prepared that Barry is not shy at all to have a tipple on your nipple. These nipple clamps get down on you whenever it's necessary and you need that tingly and lustfully pleasure on your nipples, your vulva or...
Mystim MyStim Bold Boris E-Stim Dildo Silver 5.5"
Boom Boom, Bold Boris!When it comes to pleasure your partner or yourself vaginally or anally, Bold Boris is an ace. You don't need a strong forehand to hammer the long dildo to where it belongs. The smooth metal glides sensuously...
Mystim MyStim Booty Garland Large E-Stim Anal Beads Black 5.75"
No matter, if somewhere over the rainbow or secretly under the covers, Booty Garland makes you sing its praises. Slowly inserting and withdrawing this wonderful anal chain will probably make you grin from cheek to cheek. An ecstatic multiple chain...
Mystim MyStim Booty Garland Small E-Stim Anal Beads Black 1.75"
No matter, if somewhere over the rainbow or secretly under the covers, Booty Garland makes you sing its praises. Slowly inserting and withdrawing this wonderful anal chain will probably make you grin from cheek to cheek. An ecstatic multiple chain...
Mystim MyStim Charming Chuck Penis E-Stim Strap Set Black
He' neither charm- nor harmless and he just wants to fool around: Charming Chuck gives you that tingly sensation – in a nutshell! That would suit you, wouldn't it? The two broad, bi-polar penis-testicle-belts are easy to put on and...
Mystim MyStim Cluster Buster E-Stim Unit Black
Big Bang for the whole gang.The way the Cluster Buster provides a new kind of freedom to your love life can easily be called a sexual revolution. Kind of overnight that fellow managed to make all of our toys remote...
Mystim MyStim Don Juan Probe White 6"
This ergonomically designed probe out of the medical engineering is the perfect novice dildo for electrical exaltations. Thanks to its formfitting it adapts especially comfortable as well to the female vagina as to the anus and stimulates exceptionally soft and...
Mystim MyStim Duke Stainless Steel Polished Cock Ring Silver
Mystim cock rings made of 100 percent surgical stainless steel are not just erotic pieces of jewellery. They can also help you have longer and more intense sex. Never put on the cock ring on an erect penis. Start by...
Mystim MyStim E-Stim Enhancement Set Pubic Enemy No 1 Black
Set of one conductive urethral probe and a conductive patch for the penis shaft. With this set, you can upgrade your Mystim Pubic Enemy No 1.
Mystim MyStim Flexing Flavio E-Stim Prostate Stimulator Black 3.5"
No matter what course he is on, Flexing Flavio always comes around. Especially when he is cruising around your prostate. Unbelievable how far this prostate stimulator, including its baffles, can be bent and wangled into simply all directions. The secret...
Mystim MyStim Funky Fella E-Stim Dildo Silver 5"
Fellas, here comes Mr Sex MachineGet up, get on up, get up, get on up, the totally awesome grooves of Funky Fella get you hooked up completely. This slim and gently tapering dildo is the No.1 when it comes to...
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