Rimba Fork Paddle Black
Genuin leather 3 tongue whip with metal strip inside, 40cm long.
Rimba Large Leather Paddle Black
Genuine leather paddle, Handle 8 x 1", Paddle 12 x 4.5".
Rimba Leather Forked Paddle Black 16"
Genuine leather paddle with 4 long flexible forks.
Rimba Paddle With Spikes Black
Genuine leather paddle with thin nail spikes.
Rimba Round Oval Paddle Black 14"
This is a genuine leather oval shaped punishment paddle with rivet decorated handle, and measures 6 x 2 inch handle and 8 x 5.5 paddle body, for administering full backside punishment when your slave misbehaves Sensual slave spanking
Rimba Thin Leather Paddle Black 17.5"
Genuine leather paddle, Handle 1.5" x 5.5", Paddle 2.3" x 12".
Rimba Wide Leather Paddle Black
Genuine leather paddle, Handle 3.5 x 1.5", Paddle 12 x 3".
Rouge Garments Rouge Garments Three Flap Paddle Black
Three flapping leather paddles with rivets on the handle. 15" Total Length.
Sportsheets Sex and Mischief Shadow Slapper Black 18"
This vegan leather Shadow Paddle's split head is made for a satisfying sound with every smack. The flexible handle gives you extra momentum with each swing, and thanks to the attractive chain loop wrapped tightly around your wrist, you'll never...
Sportsheets Sportsheets Leather Paddle w/ Black Fur Side Black
High-quality black leather backed soft, faux fur. Use the soft side as a body buffer then turn the paddle over for a different impact.
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